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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My beautiful princess

Olivia fell asleep like this. In her dress up dress and I thought she looked beautiful so I took a few pics!

The start of a catch up!

I don't even know if anyone reads this. I'm thinking about getting those who do to leave a message and let me know bc if nobody does, then I'm probably going to stop posting. So...if you read this, leave me a brief message so I can know. I will post a few pics now and then wait a week and come back.
Sorry I've been absent for so long..VERY busy life! :) Alot has gone on, so here are a few pics! :)

My beautiful girls! Olivia 5.5 and Zoey 2.5

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

She slept with a stuffed animal!!!

So, although this might not seem like a big deal, I had to post it. Zoey HATES and is TERRIFIED to sleep with ANYTHING! She cries if they are even close to her. In fact, she kept whinning the other night and Anthony asked her what her problem was. She kept pointing to Olivia's bed. And finally, after about 5 min of questioning her, she told him that she was scared of that DOLL that was on Olivia's pillow!! So he had to cover it up! Have NO idea why she's like this. She will play with them ALL DAY, but at night she doesn't want them anywhere near her.
This "Zebra" (as she calls it which is her favoite animal at the zoo) was bought by Nana and Papaw. She LOVES it but threw it down EVERY night when we tried to get her to sleep with it. Well, I don't know what happened this night, but she surely looks ALL SNUGGLED up to it!! Notice her left arm..that CAN"T be comfortable! HAHAHA ANyway, she's so beautiful and this was something she had never done, so I had to post it!!! :)

Olivia the beautiful flower girl!

June 2nd Olivia was in a wedding. She was asked to be in our interim youth music guys wedding over a year ago and she was so excited. She did such a great job and the wedding was beautiful! She looked sooo pretty! We are proud of her!!!

Cameron turns 17 :(

May 31st was Cameron's 17th bday! We didn't throw a big party bc we did last year, but we had cake and we gave him some money (WHICH HE LOVED!!) We love him! He's so smart, handsome, funny, driven, talented and responsible. He plays the bass guitar every Wed and Sunday at church, he works an almost full time job, he goes to school and still has time for other things. He is currently paying for his jeep himself (because he wanted to) but he's such a blessing! Thank you God for our Cameron!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visit from some special friends

Our China girls LOVING their food! Morgan ate so much! We were so proud!!!

Olivia just wanted to play with her the whole time!!!

Patrick on the floor seeing what his future will be!HAHA THREE GIRLS!!!! (Tell him I said that Amanda!!) Really I'm hoping another girl and then a boy! :)

LOVE this picture!! Us with our BEAUTIFUL China girls!!

I was too scared to let go of her!! HAHA

Us and our newest China girls!

All the men being the babysitters!!! LOVE THIS!

SOOO sweet!!!!
I met Amanda on RQ and we clicked from the beginning. She was also adopting from China and using CCAI! Then, she got her referral in December and we found out that our daughters were both from Chengzhou and both had cleft lip (repaired) and cleft palate (Morgans palate was still open). Then, I had the privledge of doing her blog while she was in China bc she couldn't get on. Well, she was only 4 hours from the Langley's so we were able to meet up! They spent the night and we had a BLAST together!! Morgan is beautiful and so sweet and we all really enjoyed "meeting" eachother and actually hugging!! :) It's a friendship that I KNOW will continue!!! Here are some pics from the time we spent together!

Vacation at Nana and Papaws!

We had a great week in TN this week! We went to Dollywood for 2 days then Splash Country for 1. We had 2 leisure days of "shopping" and just walking around. A day and a half of mowing and doing stuff in the yard and great movie nights and amazing food! It was a welcomed vacation. It was the first time we were there by ourselves for a whole week with nothing to do but what we wanted! LOVED IT! We had a great time!!! And Olivia, well she's fearless! Rode all she could for her height and somethings were questionable, but she did it without thinking twice!!!She even did a thing where we are about 20 ft up, on a beam that was 3 inches wide and had harnesses on, but she did it soooo amazingly well!!! Zoey, well she's a different story! The the rides (pig, bee and duck) well that's the ONLY thing she was okay with. She rode the carousel, screamed 3 of the 5 rounds and then then the last 2 rounds she was ROCKING it!! We dind't try her on it again, but one time was good enough for me and probably her, too! HA Chase was a HUGE help and GREAT big brother. Anthony and I rode on things with just him and I think we did all but ONE of the rides! We had a great time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Zoo pics

 Our beautiful girls

Love her!

We are so blessed!

She has the best smile!!

Beautiful Ashlynn!! LOVED her sunglasses from her aunt Elyse

Olivia and Kyleigh..BFF's

ZOey and Jackson!

1St time to wear a hat! SOOo cute and had to be big for that big head...which is needed for her big brain! :)

Brotherly love!

Ashlynn and her Momma, one of my best friends, Heather

 our beautiful girl

 Zoey liked the panda bears!

BUT..she thought this lion was real and gonna get her! She did NOT want to take a pic this close to this! HA

Me and my sweet 2 yr olds!!

SILLY girls! (Kyleigh, Ashlynn's sister)

It was a busy day at the zoo! Sweet girls!

Yeah, she HATED this too! Ashlynn LOVED it!! HA! Poor Zo! Gotta get used to all these new things!

We went to our little friend, Ashlynn's birthday party! It was a great time. SHe's our friend who has cancer! Please pray for her every time you think of it. She really needs it! I'm not gonna post but one or two pics of her though. She's a trooper and I am so glad she was able to have her party and feel like being there! God surely has His hands on this sweet girl! Here are a few pics of my girls from the day!