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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

She slept with a stuffed animal!!!

So, although this might not seem like a big deal, I had to post it. Zoey HATES and is TERRIFIED to sleep with ANYTHING! She cries if they are even close to her. In fact, she kept whinning the other night and Anthony asked her what her problem was. She kept pointing to Olivia's bed. And finally, after about 5 min of questioning her, she told him that she was scared of that DOLL that was on Olivia's pillow!! So he had to cover it up! Have NO idea why she's like this. She will play with them ALL DAY, but at night she doesn't want them anywhere near her.
This "Zebra" (as she calls it which is her favoite animal at the zoo) was bought by Nana and Papaw. She LOVES it but threw it down EVERY night when we tried to get her to sleep with it. Well, I don't know what happened this night, but she surely looks ALL SNUGGLED up to it!! Notice her left arm..that CAN"T be comfortable! HAHAHA ANyway, she's so beautiful and this was something she had never done, so I had to post it!!! :)


  1. Absolutely PRECIOUS! I can't believe how big she looks! They grow so quickly! All I can say is ADORABLE!

  2. How sweet!!! And, seriously, that arm! What a snuggle bug though!!!!