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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Zoo pics

 Our beautiful girls

Love her!

We are so blessed!

She has the best smile!!

Beautiful Ashlynn!! LOVED her sunglasses from her aunt Elyse

Olivia and Kyleigh..BFF's

ZOey and Jackson!

1St time to wear a hat! SOOo cute and had to be big for that big head...which is needed for her big brain! :)

Brotherly love!

Ashlynn and her Momma, one of my best friends, Heather

 our beautiful girl

 Zoey liked the panda bears!

BUT..she thought this lion was real and gonna get her! She did NOT want to take a pic this close to this! HA

Me and my sweet 2 yr olds!!

SILLY girls! (Kyleigh, Ashlynn's sister)

It was a busy day at the zoo! Sweet girls!

Yeah, she HATED this too! Ashlynn LOVED it!! HA! Poor Zo! Gotta get used to all these new things!

We went to our little friend, Ashlynn's birthday party! It was a great time. SHe's our friend who has cancer! Please pray for her every time you think of it. She really needs it! I'm not gonna post but one or two pics of her though. She's a trooper and I am so glad she was able to have her party and feel like being there! God surely has His hands on this sweet girl! Here are a few pics of my girls from the day!

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