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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visit from some special friends

Our China girls LOVING their food! Morgan ate so much! We were so proud!!!

Olivia just wanted to play with her the whole time!!!

Patrick on the floor seeing what his future will be!HAHA THREE GIRLS!!!! (Tell him I said that Amanda!!) Really I'm hoping another girl and then a boy! :)

LOVE this picture!! Us with our BEAUTIFUL China girls!!

I was too scared to let go of her!! HAHA

Us and our newest China girls!

All the men being the babysitters!!! LOVE THIS!

SOOO sweet!!!!
I met Amanda on RQ and we clicked from the beginning. She was also adopting from China and using CCAI! Then, she got her referral in December and we found out that our daughters were both from Chengzhou and both had cleft lip (repaired) and cleft palate (Morgans palate was still open). Then, I had the privledge of doing her blog while she was in China bc she couldn't get on. Well, she was only 4 hours from the Langley's so we were able to meet up! They spent the night and we had a BLAST together!! Morgan is beautiful and so sweet and we all really enjoyed "meeting" eachother and actually hugging!! :) It's a friendship that I KNOW will continue!!! Here are some pics from the time we spent together!

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