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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacation at Nana and Papaws!

We had a great week in TN this week! We went to Dollywood for 2 days then Splash Country for 1. We had 2 leisure days of "shopping" and just walking around. A day and a half of mowing and doing stuff in the yard and great movie nights and amazing food! It was a welcomed vacation. It was the first time we were there by ourselves for a whole week with nothing to do but what we wanted! LOVED IT! We had a great time!!! And Olivia, well she's fearless! Rode all she could for her height and somethings were questionable, but she did it without thinking twice!!!She even did a thing where we are about 20 ft up, on a beam that was 3 inches wide and had harnesses on, but she did it soooo amazingly well!!! Zoey, well she's a different story! The the rides (pig, bee and duck) well that's the ONLY thing she was okay with. She rode the carousel, screamed 3 of the 5 rounds and then then the last 2 rounds she was ROCKING it!! We dind't try her on it again, but one time was good enough for me and probably her, too! HA Chase was a HUGE help and GREAT big brother. Anthony and I rode on things with just him and I think we did all but ONE of the rides! We had a great time!

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